Saturday, May 10, 2008

Opening Reception at Kimball-Jenkins

Well, last night was the opening reception of my exhibit at the Jill Coldren-Wilson Gallery that is on the campus of the Kimball-Jenkins School of Art in Concord, New Hampshire. This was my largest exhibit ever, with 24 pieces on display.

The work usually goes up a week before the reception, but I try not to go look at it prior to the opening night. I was a little apprehensive for the past few days, waiting for the time to arrive, and to be honest, I couldn't wait until 5:00 to show up. I pulled into the gallery at about 3:45 and made my way up the granite walkway to the steps leading into the old Victorian mansion that houses the gallery space. I was amazed at what the curator had done. Everything looked great, from the way my photographs were displayed, to the food tables, to the beverage carts. Everything was first class. The display of my images was beautifully done. I personally would have never hung it this way, but it really worked, causing each of the four rooms to be individual, yet connected to each other. It far exceeded my expectations.

There was a great turnout, as the reception was included as part of Art Concord, and hopefully, as this event becomes more successful, more venues can be added.

Some highlights of the evening (in no particular order):

1. Being "reprimanded" for the title of one of my images. This particular viewer felt that the title was insulting to him, as it didn't give him credit for seeing what I thought he should see in the image. It didn't need to smack him in the face.

The offending "Ghost in the Garage"

2. Listening to two viewers discuss the "faces" they saw in one image.

"Satin Rose" Do you see faces?

3. Meeting people that came from as far away as New York to see my work. I'd never met them before, and it was an absolute honor to meet them that night. Dave and Jan, I am humbled.

4. Meeting Jill and Robert Wilson, (the gallery is named after Jill Coldren-Wilson), as they attended my reception. They are wonderful people, and invaluable to the local art community.

5. Being referred to as "the Georgia O'Keefe of photography". However uncomfortable I might be with that comparison, it was very nice of them to say.

Georgia O'Keefe-ish?

6. Being offered a teaching position at the Kimball-Jenkins School of Art. Beginning in July, I will be teaching photography to the students at the art school.

For anyone that was unable to attend the reception, but is still interested in viewing the installation, the gallery is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday and other times by appointment. This display runs through May 29th.

I'd also like to take a moment to specially thank Ryan Linehan, the Director of the Kimball-Jenkins School of Art for all that he has done for the local art community, and for me personally.


Anonymous said...

Scott we had a blast meeting you, great conversation, the pleasure was ours! The layout of your work was great and the atmosphere of the event perfect. Had a great visit and shot lots of photos all the way home to NY! Thanks again my mother in law loved the gift we purchased!
Take Care, Dave and Jan.

Anonymous said...

Scott, this is fantastic! I would love for you to teach something online! I really need to learn as much as I can! Maybe, if you have a little extra time, you could post some blogs for us amateurs!

I'm so proud of you! The images were fantastic!!!!!!!

Best wishes,

Patricia Hecker said...

Wonderful work! Seeing ones work on gallery walls is good for the creative soul!
Enjoy your exhibit and all it brings your way!

Patricia Hecker

Beadin By The Sea said...

What a great day you had! It's interesting how other people perceive your art or display it in a different way than you would yourself. I guess that's why we are always asking for a "fresh set of eyes" to see where we can improve! Congratulations on your success Scott!

Unknown said...

I'm very happy for you Scott! And I'm glad you'll be teaching full-time again! That is wonderful! Good luck!

Scott Bulger Photography said...

Endless Memories, It is a part-time teaching position that I've accepted. Teaching full-time would not leave me with enough time for my other photographic endeavors. But thank you for your excitement.

High Desert Diva said...

I'm so glad to hear it went well and congrats on the teaching position!

Tabitha Brown said...

Congrats on a fine reception.

It's always interesting to hear how other people interpret artwork.

stilettoheights said...

Congrats on the exhibit!!!! Seeing work hanging in an exhibit is very much like being on stage, exciting and so nerve wracking at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to move to Tennessee. It's that simple.

Naw, really I am so happy for you and so very proud of you. I wish I could have been there. It sounds like a wonderful affair.

Congrats on the job offer. YOU are a great teacher, like I have always said, and it is really great knowing that the wisdom, not just knowledge, in you will be passed onto others.

Sarah McBride said...

AWESOME and congratulations!

Ana said...

Those images are so wonderful, haunting...sounds like it was a great opening! Congratulations!

LazyTcrochet said...

I do see a face! The folds on the right could be lips.
I've always loved the "Ghost in the Garage" and chose it for a treasury once!

Rosebud Collection said...

Your pictures are wonderful..I like the Ghost one..I think the title
tells a story..Good for you on the job..and much success..

TotusMel said...

Congratulations! It sounds like it was an amazing experience for you. Good luck with teaching, you clearly have a gift to share with others!

woolies said...

congratulations! sounds like you have fully 'arrived' !!
Can we call you Georgia now?

Briannuh said...

Thanks for the greeting! I am quite excited to be apart of the blog world. Your photography is beautiful!

CancunCanuck said...

Congratulations Scott, sounds like a big success! I wish you lots of luck in the new job. :)

Beautiful photos.

Sus said...

Very awesome fella! And as for the one who was "insulted"....shoot they probably would of been insulted if you hadn't used the title that you did! *lol*

Anonymous said...

Awe Scott! So very proud of you! You've really 'arrived' and I love to hear(see) the excitement in your posts!! Stay awesome my friend - can't wait to see where else your path takes you -D
{{{hugs}}} Freida

UniqueNurseGranny said...

That is just wonderful am so happy for you.It is amazing how people react..but so nice that the majority were fortunate for the students to have you for a teacher,