Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Volunteers Needed


I'm going to be starting a new weekly "Image Critique" feature here on my blog. If you are interested in having an image featured AND critiqued, please email it to me
by Clicking Here and please put "Image Critique" in the header. Also include any pertinent information that you can and your thoughts behind the image if there is one. Submitting a photo means that you agree to have it discussed and will not start weeping. Discussion and opposing viewpoints and opinions will be encouraged so that this feature can become a learning tool for everyone.

Make sure that submitted images are 72 dpi and 1000 pixels in it's longest dimension for review. A smaller 500 pixel version will be posted in the blog, with proper credit and a link back to your own site if you wish. If you wish it to link back, make sure you tell me in your email.

Every image will not be selected. I will try to select images that will make for interesting discussion and have teachable points. Everyone that does submit an image will get an email back acknowledging their submission and whether or not it has been selected to go into the queue.

This feature will eventually make it's way into the new quarterly photography magazine that I am going to begin publishing in the summer of 2009.

Thank you.


rose AKA Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Neat idea!

Crash said...

Great idea! I am a complete and utter beginner and I wouldn't mind having a photo critiqued. I really don't know anything about photography, so I'm sure there would be a lot I could learn about what I could do better or what I'm doing wrong. I will submit a photo soon. :)

Art for Hair said...

Good idea - I'd be interested too, I have to find a photo to submit. Good luck with your magazine, you have amazing photos.

f2images said...

Great idea Scott! Are you looking for a particular image content? I'm interested, but want to keep it pun intended on any content you may prefer.