Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Slow Down and Look Around

I know you're busy. I'm busy too. Everybody is busy. We are all busy. But for cryin' out loud, take a look around. Open your eyes and focus. See all that is around you.

I look back at my body of work, and with the exception of my Mexico images, everything else is something that you walk by every day without looking at. Well, you may look at it, but do you really SEE it? If you are willing to SEE, there is really so much around us to be seen.

Many times at my exhibits, people will stare at images and talk to their friends "Where is this, it looks so familiar?". Unable to come up with the answer, they come to me and ask the question. Usually, when I tell them the location that a certain photograph was taken, their reaction ranges from astonishment to bewilderment.

"I walk right by that spot every day and never really noticed that." People are so "connected" now, that they hardly notice anything. Turn off the iPod, put your cell phone in your pocket, and just walk. Listen to the sounds around you, and see what there is to see. Spend a few minutes with yourself. You might be surprised what is out there.

Scott Bulger Photography, Cigar Store Indian, July 2008

"Cigar Store Indian"
Limited Edition Fine Art Photograph
by Scott Bulger

"Everything has its beauty but not everyone really sees it." - Confucius 551 BC - 479 BC


Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree more, Scott!

these days especially, everyone's in too much of a rush, to busy, too many things to do etc...focussing on our individual pressures and concerns, and not seeing what's going on around.

a good photographer will always see...

Sherry said...

I've been taking that advice, and it's made such a difference.

Actually the first spirit level I ever crafted into a bracelet was one I found on the ground while I was on a hike.

Thanks for the reminder.

S-V-H said...

Thanks for following my blog, Scott! I'm glad I have found your wonderful blog, or better, you found me :)

Very nice to meet you. I will read your blog with RSS feed.

High Desert Diva said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Very Well said & awesome shot!!! It's perfect in every way.

Anonymous said...

Scott, this is SO beautiful what you've written here. I feel so strongly about this that I feel like it is WHY we are here. I felt like you wrote exactly what I've needed to hear this week. Because work has been overwhelming and I started to feel like I couldn't get away and go for a walk and watch the sunset and photograph in the there wasn't enough time (which is not like me at all). Then 3 days ago it hit me, "If not now, WHEN?" And since I work for myself I thought Robin let it all go and get out and live this moment and the next as if it was your last. I know I will never regret it. I would regret that I DIDN'T get out. Thank you for fostering such potent Life!!!

Waterrose said...

Exactly. I went on a bird of prey search with a group of friends in SE AZ a few years ago and all you had to do was look up to find them. I came home and realized that many of those same birds were within eyeshot of my home. We just never look around or up.

Anonymous said...

that is about being present in the mind. being present in the moment in your mind. it is so infrequent in our culture.

and that image is fabulous btw. :)