Monday, July 21, 2008

Anatomy of a Piano

A piano is surely the most amazing instrument to me. The variety of sounds that can be created by someone that is skilled in its use just amazes me. A piano can sound like rain, or it can sound like wind, in the hands of a master. The virtuoso can convey the deepest of emotions, and bring a listener to unparalleled highs and lows. One of the very few things in my life that I wish I could do, yet cannot, is play the piano.

A piano is also a beautiful physical structure, both from the outside, and on the inside. It was with this in mind, that I approached the rotting carcass of a piano that I came upon being used as an avant-garde landscape decoration. I have been back to photograph it three times before finally being happy with these two images.

Anatomy of a Piano 1
"Anatomy of a Piano 1"

Anatomy of a Piano 2
"Anatomy of a Piano 2"


Anonymous said...

It's about damn time you give us something new. Brilliant work! They are both stunning. Love the details. You go Master Po!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love both of these Scott and would love to have them on my wall. For my sake I hope you don't sell them all quickly ;)

Sus said...

Very interesting pieces Scott, I love the abstractness of a "common" object. Would be curious to see a shot of the whole piano in its "avant-garde landscape decoration."

Scott Bulger Photography said...


"Twelve significant images in any year, is a good crop."

Ansel Adams

Anonymous said...

These are lovely.