Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Image Critique #5

This weeks image is a little bit different from past weeks as it is more of a stylized fashion shot. As with all genres of photography, there are certain aesthetic aspects that are inherent to fashion photography that may or may not apply to other types of work.

Photo Critique by Scott Bulger

There are a lot of good things in this image that aren't easy to do. The models look comfortable and the contrast in their interaction and relationship is good. There is a great diagonal composition here that offers a lot of dynamism to subjects that aren't moving at all.

These are great models you have here. They seem easygoing and comfortable in front of the camera. Hopefully, you can continue to work together.

The issues that I see are, for the most point, small and easily correctable.

1. I'm not keen on the aspect ratio. You have cropped this into an unorthodox proportion that leads me to believe that you are hiding something that you didn't see when you were composing.

2. Whether it is due to this cropping or not, the toe and the knee of the model on the left are clipped by the edge of the frame. Don't amputate body parts with the edge of the frame.

3. There is a plant in front of the foot of the model on the right. If this is a "fashion" shot, pull that thing out or move the girls. Tough to buy a sell if you can't see it.

4. The hair of the model on the left is blown out from the highlight of the sun. You did a good job putting the models in nice bright shade. If you had moved them over another foot to the right, you could have eliminated this issue (as well as the hot spot above her knee). I like the light on her shoulder and face, but the hair is too hot. It's lost all detail in that spot. If you want to keep that highlight, a small diffuser in the path of the sunlight might tone it down just enough for you to retain detail there while keeping the highlight. An assistant here would be invaluable.

5. Pay close attention to the hands. The two hands that are in between the girls are cut off. Not seeing the right hand of the girl on the left isn't such a big deal to me because of her angle, but look for someplace to put the two hands in the middle so that they are visible.

Bottom Line: This is really a very good effort and with just a few minor teaks would be a very nice image. This line of photography is definitely something you could pursue.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with everything you pointed out.

All of your critiques are really helping me so much. I wish I could get my brother to pay attnetion to your blogs. He could benefit from alot of things you point out.

Looking foward to the next one. I may try to get you another image someotime soon.

Garrity Photography said...

I agree with everything you said Scott. I was using a friends camera for that particular shot (I had both cameras with me and was saving a memory card for a shoot I had an hour later so I was going back and forth) which I should know better since I have come to know my camera better and did not take the time to see if they had set their camera to taking large photos like I have mine which makes it to where I have more to work with. I did not actually crop anything out even though it seems that way.

The light on the top model was actually worse than it looks. I had to change the levels and such to even get what you see before you.

The model on the bottom is a trained model who has had over 60 hours in a Barbizon modeling school which I will give her credit for this pose. I am still working on learning this type of photography so it helps me to work with models who know what they are doing more than those who do not.

I have found how hard it is to go out into the huge Colorado sun to do these shots. Believe it or not I was taking this shot at 9:00 in the morning. I was praying for some cloud cover but it did not work out for me that day. I did not have my usual little assistant there that day to help me difuse some of the light which is normally one of her main things she helps me with so I was really glad that the images turned out as well as they did.

Thanks again for your time with this and I really appreciate the background. I chose to begin this type of model photography with no actual real knowledge other than studying other peoples work so I am glad that I seem to be heading the right direction and with continued practice I may be able to do a good job with it. My goal as with the rest of my photography is to be the best photographer as Ms. Stephanie said as well that I can be.

Tasha Early said...

Great tips and insight. I actually noticed all the things before you even pointed them out. :)

Tasha Early said...

Great tips and insight. I actually noticed all the things before you even pointed them out. :)

kim* said...

I did get attracted at first to the tie dye outfits. then I started to notice the boot had grass in front of it.

Erin said...

Great critique! Especially interesting as one of my secret vices is watching "America's Next Top Model"...

Liz said...

yes again good critique I also though the models both having their legs raised at the same angle looked like they were doing a synchronised dance? but I dont know squat about photography so this is pure personal opinion and as a person I always tend to pick things up that may be funny in some small way to entertain others I guess.