Monday, August 16, 2010

"Can we meet in the evening instead?"

When someone wants to go shooting with me, we inevitably get around to setting a time and I suggest the early morning, somewhere around 30 minutes prior to official sunrise. That provokes a response that usually ranges from stunned silence to outright laughter. Once they realize that I'm not joking, they compose themselves and ask "Why so early?"

I launch into my stump speech about the Golden Hour and the properties of the light when it's near to the horizon and passing through all of that extra atmosphere. Once they realize that the suns proximity to the horizon plays a role in my desires, the wheels start turning and they quickly suggest that we meet in the evening, just prior to sunset, instead. I usually decline and try to convince them of the early morning benefits.

Why do I prefer the morning to the evening?

Peace. Being with my camera and watching the world wake up is a very calming and peaceful experience. Everything is fresh and new and springs to life with the dawns first rays of light. The earth is still holding on to the secrets of the dark as overnight frost or dew is still being clung to.

©2010 Scott Bulger, All Rights Reserved

ISO 100 ----- 20mm ----- f5.6 ----- 1/125

It's easier to take your time in the morning as you aren't rushing to beat the dark. When you aren't rushing, you think more clearly and are less likely to make mistakes.

Happy shooting!


Mr. J said...

You've convinced me. I'm getting up early next week to take my camera for a walk. Not sure where yet, but somewhere.

Ron St. Jean said...

That's a beautiful ethereal image.

Erika said...

The earth is still holding on to its secrets.. I love it!