Saturday, August 7, 2010

Main Street BookEnds of Warner

I'd like to thank the very nice people at Main Street BookEnds of Warner for carrying my new book, KHRONIKOS. Main Street BookEnds of Warner is a great local business and the winner of many awards, including:

YANKEE Magazine’s Editors’ Pick-"Must-See Bookstore in New England"

New Hampshire Magazine’s “Best Community Book Store in New Hampshire"

If you live local to central New Hampshire, it's a great place to stop. Check out their web site or take a drive to check it out. If you don't live in New Hampshire, consider shopping locally when possible. Shopping locally keeps local dollars in the local economy far longer than shopping chain stores. In these tough economic times, it's small local businesses that are creating the majority of new jobs. Local businesses are what makes your town special. They are the difference between your Main Street and Generic Street, USA.

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