Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cedar Shake Shed

©2010 Scott Bulger Photography, All Rights Reserved
ISO 400 ----- 28mm ----- f22 ----- 1/30


Hannah Phelps said...

Mysterious. Perfect for the gloomy, dark autumn days we've been having!

Luis Gomez said...

Great composition. Love the black and white. This is such a great image Scott!

Jennifer R. Bernard said...


Blown away!


Pat Tillett said...

very nice! much work went into the front of that shed. so may different shake shapes.

Ron St. Jean said...

That's a beautiful image. It's interesting to see the thought and craftsmanship that went into building such a utilitarian structure. Isn't that at the Rochester Reservoir on 202-A?

Scott Bulger Photography said...

Thank you Hannah, Luis, Jennifer, Pat, and Ron.

Yes Ron, this is where you think it is.