Friday, October 8, 2010

Maple Leaf - Fall Foliage at its Peak!

Fall foliage season is upon us here in the great northeast, with Columbus Day weekend commonly referred to as the "peak" of autumnal colors. While the colors are nice, I prefer to look deeper into my subjects than just the color they display. I'd rather study the shapes and the contrast. I'd rather look for the relationships that each leaf makes with the next. I'd rather look for the uniqueness of each individual, with its own beauty, and its own flaws, without the camouflage of hues and saturation that distract from these details. I'd rather discover the personality of my subject, than simply rely on surface dressings.

©2010 Scott Bulger, All Rights Reserved
ISO 100 ----- 170mm ----- f2.8 ----- 1/15

I pay homage to nature, but I'd rather study the details than be caught up in the flash.