Saturday, November 20, 2010

Early Saturday Morning

The alarm started screeching at 3:45 this morning, but I was already up. Sunrise was scheduled for 6:40 today, and I didn't think it would wait for me if I was late. Today's destination was Nubble Light in York, Maine, about a 75 minute drive for me, but much longer for many of my students. I was leading a group of eager photographers to witness sunrise at this scenic vista. I'm sure most of them had witnessed a sunrise before, but maybe not with the same intention that we had today. Watch the light rise, and observe how the shadows change in density and change the shape of things in the scene.

Just a touch of orange was on the horizon when I got there at 5:45. One carload of students was already there, having overestimated the amount of time it would take them to get there. Meet up time was 6:10, (30 minutes before sunrise) and by 7:10 (30 minutes after sunrise) I expected that most of them would be gone for the day.

Cars started filing into the parking lot on a regular basis and by 6:15 there were about 30 young photographers all searching out their favored vantage point. In the summer, the sun rises to the left of the lighthouse, but in this time of year, it's rising to the right of the island, changing the perspective and vantage points that you can use.

©2010 Scott Bulger, All Rights reserved
ISO 400 ----- 18mm ----- f22 ----- 1/8

It was very cold and very windy. The intrepid photographers pose for an image. Two were too cold to get out of their cars.

©2010 Scott Bulger, All Rights Reserved


Luis Gomez said...

Sounds like a great day!

Pat Tillett said...

I can see why there would be a crowd...
beautiful photo!

Lucy Corrander said...

How did they do?

How many photos looked like each other? How much variety was there?

Would you think of showing some of them here?

I think you all are brave. I find it very difficult to take good photos when other people are around.


Hannah Phelps said...

Sometimes, the best art comes out of physically uncomfortable days like this one! Maybe we focus more on the task to get our minds off our misery. Or we work quickly to get back inside and that energy frees our instincts a bit.

You guys have a great story to tell at the very least!